taught by Thomas Fortner

LESSON 1 - How God Sees The World

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I. Setting many fundamental or basic Bible truths in order:

     A. No attempt to teach the whole Bible; only the basics.

         ILLUSTRATION: Like framework to a house, it won’t tell all; but it will tell much.

     B. The basic truths will be arranged in a systematic order.

         ILLUSTRATION: Building materials must be arranged to form a house.

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: A systematic approach.


II.  In all lessons, we shall attempt to look at things the way GOD does:

     A. Many opinions among men, and they change; but God’s opinions never change.

     B. His basis of consideration is different and far superior to man’s,  I Samuel 16:7.

         ILLUSTRATION: The anointing and performance of King David.

         The trend among men continues.

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: God’s opinion is based upon the true condition of the heart.


III. Knowledge of what God thinks is possible only through the Bible:

     A. How we know the Bible is God’s word:

         1. Construction

         2. Prophecies

         3. Claims: II Peter 1:21, II Timothy 3:16, I Corinthians 2:9-10.

     B. If we stay with the positions of the Bible, our doctrine becomes Bible doctrine.

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: Not Baptist or denominational doctrine; but Bible doctrine.


IV. What God thinks does matter:

     A. Every man shall face Him in judgment, Romans 14:11-12.

     B. His judgment will be according to His word of truth, Romans 2:2.

     C. The Bible is His word of truth, John 17:17

         ILLUSTRATION: Preannounced test in school.

        TRANSITION THOUGHT: Importance of taking a careful look at what God thinks.


V. God has divided the world into two basic divisions.

     A. No relationship. LOST

     B. Relationship. SAVED

         CONCLUDING THOUGHT: You will explain these in detail in the next lesson, the title of which is “The Hopelessness of a Wrong Relationship with God.”