taught by Thomas Fortner

LESSON 6 - Worshipping and Serving God

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I. A good look at baptism:

     A. The first act of conduct for a child of God: Acts 2:41, Acts 16:33, Romans 6:4-5.

     B. Three requirements of God for a true, valid baptism:

         ILLUSTRATION: the notarization of legal documents.

         1. The candidate must be a believer, Acts 8:36-37.

         2. The method must be immersion, Acts 8:38-39.

         3. The baptism must be by the authority of a church like Jesus Christ built, Matthew 28:16, 19-20, I Corinthians 12:28, Matthew 16:18.

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: By the proper authority, in the right manner, as a believer.


II. Being a member of one of the Lord’s churches:

     A. The Lord adds one to the church at the point of baptism, Acts 2:41 & 47.

     B. Great benefits to God’s children who are members of and participate in His church.

     C. We are commanded of God to be an active part of a church, Ephesians 3:31, Hebrews 10:24-25.

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: Do not forsake regular assembly.


III. God wants His children to worship Him: 

A. We worship as a part of the church by (1) singing, (2) giving, (3) praying, (4) preaching, and (5) the Lord’s supper.

B. Two basic requirements for true worship, John 4:23-24:

         1. “In Spirit."

         2. “In truth.”

         TRANSITION THOUGHT: Church leadership is responsible to teach believers how to worship in truth.


IV. God wants His children to “serve” Him:

     A. Service is not to be confused with worship.

         1. Worshipping is not serving.

         2 God takes our treatment of others as personal treatment of Him, Matthew 25:31-40.

     B. Serving God is to be the life work of the children of God, Ephesians 2:10.


V. The progressive nature of these truths: 

     A. Drawing the arrow in reverse "order to connect each truth with the others.

     B. CONCLUDING THOUGHT: Encouraging your student(s) to become a part of the same work you are doing in reaching others for Christ.