Creation & Man’s Philosophies

Genesis chapter one stands diametrically opposed to different philosophies of men. The Christian takes his hope on the bedrock of the King James Bible rather than the shifting sands of human opinions.

1) In Opposition To Atheism: “In the beginning God” (no God)
2) In Opposition To Polytheism: “In the beginning God” (one God)
3) In Opposition To Pantheism: “In the beginning God created the heaven and
the earth.” (God is separate from His creation.)
4) In Opposition To Materialism: “Let us make man in our image”
(Man has a spiritual nature so he is like God.)
5) In Opposition To Evolution: “After his kind” used 12 times, man cannot
change God’s law.
6) In Opposition To Naturalism: “In the beginning God created” (Man is not
a robot nor is matter eternal.)
7) In Opposition To Nihilism: “And God created…and God said…and God
blessed” (Man does not operate in a meaningless closed sytem.)
8) In Opposition To Existentialism: “And God said” (used 10 times), “and
God saw” (7 times), “and the evening and the morning were” (6 times).
“And it was so” (1:30). There is a historical basis for our faith, and the
KJB does deal with concrete facts. (John Phillips)

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