Hebrew Letters In Psalms 119

In this psalm there is what is called an “Alphabet Acrostic” running throughout with an eightfold repetition, through twenty-two sections corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Though the writer’s theme is the surpassing excellence of the divine law, it is also good to apply it to the whole of scripture for the Christian reader.  It is an appropriate message of Ps. 1:1-2 which see.  Jehovah God is addressed by name exactly twenty-two times.  All the verses except two (90, 122) refer to the revealed word of God under one or other of the synonyms, which are terms for the Law in its manifold aspects.  After the first three introductory verses, in every verse but one (115) God is addressed.

Also, by way of introducing the first installment of many until the writer is finished and the subject is fully covered it should be noted that each letter shares the following facts:  each letter has a sign, name, numerical value, meaning with eight verses which follows, and all of the eight verses begin with that letter.  A few questions come to mind to the average reader: one, why are the letters given?  second, do they have a meaning?  thirdly, do the eight verses which follows each letter support that meaning?  This writer will seek to answer these and other questions while moving along through all 176 verses of Psalm 119.  Though it will not be the definitive work on this subject it certainly will aid the reader somewhat.  Having informed the dear reader of the writer’s intention please return often to see how it will all work out at its completion.  This is being done at the suggestion of a church member at Berea for a possible blog idea on the churches website.  May it honor the Lord this the writer’s request, help His people to grow in grace, and be true to His word.


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